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The Big Outdoors Charters
4602 Hopedale Highway
St Benard, Louisiana 70085
Captain Britt Ordes:
1 (985) 259-1801

Hopedale, Louisiana

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Britt Ordes 33

Big Outdoors Charters Fishing Report 8/20/2012

Saturday I had four guest from New Orleans on my boat Blake Bennett, Clay Degruy, Jay Morris, and Ben Kingsdorf. We almost canceled the trip due to the 60% chance of rain they had predicted but we opted to get a early start and try to beat the rain. We arrived at my first spot that I have been catching …

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Britt Ordes 34

Big Outdoors Charters Fishing Report 8/13/2012

Its been a while since I posted but I have been so busy I forgot what a computer and the Internet is! In the last three months we have been on the water over 70 days! But I finally have a break to do some much needed rest and boat maintenance. Well we are 34 days away from Teal Season. …

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