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4602 Hopedale Highway
St Benard, Louisiana 70085
Captain Britt Ordes:
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Hopedale, Louisiana

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Limits of specks and reds in Hopedale, even on Windy Days

Although you probably won’t see it on QVC during your next late-night insomniac stint, the new, hip workout in South Louisiana is the Hopedale Hop. It involves busting your biceps on line-stripping redfish, shredding your deltoid lifting speckled trout over the gunwale and then powerlifting the anchor over and over again. Capt. Britt Ordes has developed and refined the program, …

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Understanding Redfish Biology

All I can say is the fishing has not been this good all year!! I had the pleasure of fishing with Ryan and his crew today and it was just plan rediculous! We caught 103 speckled trout and 100 white trout by 9:04! Ran out of shrimp tied marsh works plastics on and finished our 125 trout limit by 10 …

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Big Reds Are Waiting In South Louisiana

Most people don’t believe it until they see it and once they see it, their first words are usually, “Unbelievable!” I’m talking about the huge fishing areas of South Louisiana. From the east side of the Mississippi River around Hopedale to Calcasieu Lake south of Lake Charles Louisiana, there are literally thousands and thousands of saltwater lakes, creeks, ponds and …

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