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The Big Outdoors Charters
4602 Hopedale Highway
St Benard, Louisiana 70085
Captain Britt Ordes:
1 (985) 259-1801

Hopedale, Louisiana

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Captain Britt 288

Captain Britt Ordes

Capt. Britt Ordes was born and raised in St. Bernard Louisiana and is the owner / operator of The Big Outdoor Charters. Capt. Britt was introduced to fishing at the age of 5 by his father and grandfather. At a young age Capt. Britt became addicted to fishing. At 7 years old Britt first started fishing the bayous of south louisiana in his 10ft John boat with a 12volt trolling motor. He was very fortunate to have lived on the water all his life so his days as a youth consisted of school, homework, then off the back porch to his john boat. In the summer time Britt fished bayous and small lakes for large mouth bass. At 10 years old he was fishing competivily in local bass club tournaments. He fished freshwater on his own time and on the days his father or grandfather could go fishing, they went and fished the outside marsh for speckeled trout and redfish.

As a young man Britt was not your ordinary kid! He lived in the marshes of South Louisiana chasing ducks, deer, nutrias and every criter that could walk or swim throught the marsh! He would live in tackle stores and read every fishing magazine he could get his hands on! Britt ate, slept, and dreamed fishing and hunting! At 12 years old Capt. Britt was driving a 25′ Hydra sport with twin Evinrude 225’s, his father would navigate the tighter and harder canals and then let the young Capt. take over. Britt did all the work he would put his dad and grandfather on fish everytime and even cleaned the catch at the end of the day! At the age of 14 Capt. Britt became a real boat owner, he recived a 16 alumi hull with a brand new 50 Johnson on his birthday! From that day on his love and passion for the outdoors was the fuel to his fire! With his 16ft. John boat Britt has learned and covered more marsh than most people would ever dream of knowing! He spent years of his childhood navigating the marshes of south Louisiana in search of speckled trout and Redfish. It became an addiction to his life and one that only few knew would become his livelihood!

Fishing became so addictive that Capt. Britt wanted to compete at the highest level. In 2005 Capt. Britt became one of the youngest professional redfish anglers in the state of Louisiana! He had a rough first year on tour but became furious on his off season to become a better angler and fix mistakes made during his first year in competition! He fished harder, and practiced more than he ever could imagine, but vitory was the only option in his mind! In 2006 Britt finished in two top ten finishes and won his first ever redfish tournament! From that day on Capt. Britt decided he wanted to make his career on the water! The next year he passed his Captains course and started his journey and career as a charter boat captain!

Capt. Britt attended Pearl River Community college where he received an associates degree in electrical technology then transferred to the University of New Orleans where he finished his bachelors degree in business Management. throughout his college career Capt. Britt fished professionally for four years in numerous redfish tournaments and built his charter fishing business into the company it is today. Capt. Britt has been fishing the bountiful water of south Louisiana and Mississippi for over 18 years. He spends well over 250 days in a calendar year on the water and devotes most of his time to chartering and tournament fishing.