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The Big Outdoors Charters
4602 Hopedale Highway
St Benard, Louisiana 70085
Captain Britt Ordes:
1 (985) 259-1801

Hopedale, Louisiana

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Captain Britt 301

Trout and Redfish combo!

Our Speckled trout and redfish combo consists of a full day of fishing for speckled trout and redfish. You will depart from the dock at safe light and venture throughout the rich South Louisiana marsh in search of our famous speckled trout. In our summer months we fish the natural gas rigs, and wrecks in our outer bays known as Breton Sound, Black Bay, and Bay Eloi. Our bait of choice to put those big healthy trout on ice is live shrimp and live croakers! In our winter months we fish the interior marsh for speckled trout. Our bait of choice is live shrimp under a cork or artificial lures under a cork. Typically on this trip you will fish for speckled trout until 10 A.M., then venture back into the marsh to fish the rest of the day for redfish! Our reds will be in our marsh patrolling the banks in search of those live shrimp you will have at the end or your cork!!

Redfish Trip!

For those redfish enthusiast we offer full day redfish trips! Whether you are an avid redfish angler or a new comer to the sport; we have the redfish Mecca! Known as the REDFISH CAPITOL OF THE WORLD we have more redfish than you and your friends can handle. If you like catching redfish on gold spoons, spinner baits, or plastics in duck ponds we have one of the finest estuaries to keep you busy reeling in those reds on light tackle. If are the angler who just wants to go out and experience that drag screaming action with reds but prefer not to throw artificial baits, we have just what you want!

Sight Fishing Redfish!

The Big Outdoors Charters also offer the ultimate experience that many redfish anglers live to see!! Sight fishing redfish in 6″ to foot of crystal clear gin colored water! Yes, the heart beating, adrenalin pumping action of sighting a redfish, making a precision accurate cast and watching a redfish make a complete 360 degree turn to inhale your lure! You will be fishing on shallow water flats, and shallow water ponds deep in the marsh in search of our golden, bronze redfish in crystal clear water! It is typical to catch anywhere from 20-50 redfish a trip and possible see hundreds of redfish on this trip! This trip is recommended for avid anglers.