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Big Outdoors Charters Fishing Report 5/4/2012

We finally got the winds to lay down and the trout continued their feeding frenzy!!!

Monday evening I had Angel, and Alicia two south Texas girls that wanted a little taste of those nice red things!! We headed out with some dead shrimp and in two hours we put 17 beautiful reds in the box and had them back at the dock in time for their dinner that night!!

Tuesday I had Betty, and her husband Chuck from south Florida. It was chucks 71st Birthday so he wanted to catch a big red on his birthday. Betty wanted to make a quick try for some trout we made one stop and they put 26 nice trout in the boat with the famous lemon head matrix shad under a cork! They said they had enought trout so they wanted the redfish!! We made one stop, three reds! Sencond stop nothing! Third Stop a few drum! Fourth stop more trout no reds!!! Fifth stop was a charm!! We boated their limit of 10 reds and caught and released until it was time to head back to the camp!!!

Wednesday I had a cancelation due to the rain but Thursday was lights OUT!!! I had the pleasure of taking Jeremy his wife Amber, and their 6yr old daughter Adriana, and 9yr old daughter Ashlien! This was there first time fishing!! We made a short run to some protected islands with a stiff breeze out the southeast. After 30 minutes of fishing class with the girls I had them fishing like pros in no time!! Once they got the hang of popping the cork and setting the hook, fish starting fly in the boat at rapid speed! We made three stops for trout and boxed 49 trout ranging from 1-5 lbs. Adriana at 6 yrs old and first time fishing, caught all by herself a 4.23 oz. trout and one at 5 lbs! I think she is now hooked on fishing!! we made one stop for reds and boat 9 solid fish!

The fishing is Hot and the trout are BIG!! Bigger than normal and the fishing already seems to be a start of a phenomenal season!

If you want to go fish catching and enjoy yourself while you do it give me a call and I will garauntee a fishing trip of a lifetime!!

Capt. Britt Ordes
The Big Outdoors Charters LLC