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Hopedale, Louisiana

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Britt Ordes 33

Big Outdoors Charters Fishing Report 8/20/2012

Saturday I had four guest from New Orleans on my boat Blake Bennett, Clay Degruy, Jay Morris, and Ben Kingsdorf. We almost canceled the trip due to the 60% chance of rain they had predicted but we opted to get a early start and try to beat the rain. We arrived at my first spot that I have been catching limits on every trip and it was a no go! cat fish and trash every cast. I noticed the water was dirty so we moved further south. Next stop we caught and released for a solid hour but it was every fish you could imgaine, trout, Ladyfish, sharks, mackeral, and catfish. We stayed with it becuase every third cast would be a trout and Ive learned the hard way in the past with no tide and your on somewhat of a bite stay with it cause it might be the only good bite you get on all day with no tide in the forcast! We managed about 30 trout in a hour and plenty of trash fish. After the bite finally died we made a move further south on the way we passed a weed line and a small rip and I was searching for a trippletail or two when I spotted a cobia working the grass line. I turned the boat on a dime and baited up with a live croaker and my guy threw right at him and bam hooked up wiyh a 40lb. cobia in 13 feet of water on light takle!! I used my offshore experience and made a bunch of racket and did a few tricks and up popped a second cobia! Now we talking doubled up on 40 to 50 class cobia on light tackle! We fought the cobia for about 25 minutes finally landing one and had the second break off. I went back to the spot again worked my magic and we where hooked up again!! Three cobia in no time. He finally broke the line in short manner! But it was fun while it lasted. Made a move to a rig nearby and caught another 20 or so big trout and what do you know another cobia on the line he was jumping, tailing and putting on a show until about 15 minutes into the fight he straightend the hook! Just one of those freak days when you run into a bunch of cobia wiht light tackle while fishing for trout and redfsih! But the guys had a blast and said it was a trip that will never be forgotten! We finished the day with 53 trout 1 for 4 on Cobia, 4 reds, and 2 black drum. With the box filled to the top we headed for the camp.

The fishing is just crazy right now in hopedale! The salinity is really high right now so you dont know what you might catch on any giving day like Saturday! We are catching plenty trout and the redfish are finally back in the marsh with non stop action on reds and drum!

Give me a call and let me take you fish catchingI im Booked up for August but I still have some days in Sept. and Oct. I have a few teal hunts left open and they are going fast! I made a run throught the marsh satruday and already seeing big bands of teal so book your fishing trip or hunt/ Cast and Blast soon or you will miss out on the action!

Capt. Britt Ordes
The Big Outdoors Charters