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The Big Outdoors Charters
4602 Hopedale Highway
St Benard, Louisiana 70085
Captain Britt Ordes:
1 (985) 259-1801

Hopedale, Louisiana

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Captain Britt 253

Big Outdoors Charters Fishing Report 8/19/2011

All I can say is the fishing has not been this good all year!! I had the pleasure of fishing with Ryan and his crew today and it was just plan rediculous! We caught 103 speckled trout and 100 white trout by 9:04! Ran out of shrimp tied marsh works plastics on and finished our 125 trout limit by 10 sharp! I also took three other trips Darin and his assitant on sunday and we had 75 in the boat at 7:15 Am! Tuesday I had chaz, steve, and Chris from slidell and we smoked the fish on plastics NO LIVE BAIT and had 100 at 7:55 The fishing this August is just unreal, its so good that i can guarantee a limit to anyone that books a trip with us! The weather is not to hot and we have been back to the dock by 10 or 11 everyday! Come get on this hot action while it lasts! Give us a call and we will put you on a fishing trip of a lifetime!

Capt. Britt Ordes
The Big Outdoors Charters